October 27, 2010

On spoiling your skin

On spoiling my skin, I mean.

Ok, so maybe I've been a little bit spoiled these days. I can't help it. I can't really move, so I had to do a little something to cheer myself up.

Turns out you still have to get clean when you're on bed rest. Might as well do it in style, don't you think?

Seeing as how I can't really shop around in person and pick up little goodies to pamper myself, I decided to poke around online to see what's available. When I finally settled in for a browse, I was amazed at all of the sparkly new treasures to be had. I guess it's been a while since I've updated my stash.

Here's what I discovered.

1. Even on bed rest, you still have to wash your face. With soap. And water. Those cute little "facial cleansing cloths" don't work. I tried them. Two different brands. Don't bother. Although, they're probably nice to bring along on an airplane. They'll give you kind of a refreshing illusion, at least.

2. Neutrogena has a cool new Acne Stress Control Skin Care line. Glamour tells me in their latest issue that stress is a common cause of adult breakouts. I'll buy it. Either way, the Power Foam Wash is really mild, and it smells nice. And it's only $7.99.

3. Do you have a bathtub? Have you ever used it? As a bathtub, I mean? If I wasn't sick, I would add a glass of wine to that. I'm just saying, it's too bad it took me a whole year and getting sick for me to discover my bathtub. Also, CVS has some very cheap peaches and cream bubble bath. No more excuses.

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